August 18, 2014

Write It Out | No.2

I feel empty and I feel full,
There's an indescribable whirlpool inside of me
With each and every thing I'm fighting for and against
Streaming through every wave.
I love it.
I love feeling like all of me is pulling together,
Not easily,
With pressure and pain and passion.
I don't know all of it,
I can't tell you what it all is,
But its force holds me.
I am comfortable amongst it.
If not,
Content. Almost.


Uh! I loved doing this one today, this was exactly what I needed. Go the Clear The Way to take part in these writing topic collabs.


  1. VERY pretty! I'm so glad you took part. This is so well-written.

    1. Thank you so much for that compliment! Looking forward to doing more. x