November 24, 2014

Best Things About Grey Days

We are nearing the end of spring in Australia, but today is a welcoming break from the heat we're having leading up to the hot, dry summer. I thought I'd share some of the things which make you feel good about a stormy day.

No pressure | You don't feel guilty if you're inside all day
Rain | It smells and sounds nice when it rains, thunder is even better, rainbows are a bonus

Comfy | You're allowed to snuggle in blankets and snooze whenever being lazy gets all too tiring

Photograph | Perfect lighting for getting the camera out and taking some shots

Catch-up | It's a good chance to get up to date with anything - blogging, work, housework, etc.

Read | You can finally pick up that book you've been eyeing off

Tea | Particularly if you're only an occasional tea drinker, these are the perfect days

Music | You know your favourites for gloomy days, put them on

Rainy day dates | Cook some hearty warm food and have some quality partner time

Fresh air | Open the door and take a deep breath, you'll be grateful

November 23, 2014

A Shortlist of Places

It's normal for me to get in a worldly mood where I begin thinking about all the places I could potentially visit in my lifetime. I try and think of the top ones, but once I start, it understandably becomes impossible - particularly for someone like myself who has spent many hours growing up researching what I could one day see with my own eyes (the result: an overwhelming amount of wonder). So I've compiled a stripped down list of my current top favourites I find myself constantly day dreaming about, without reading too much into it.

Canada | for the wilderness and mountains

United States of America | for the diversity

Iceland | for the colour and formations

United Kingdom | for the past and greenery

New Zealand | for the fantasy and proximity

Iceland image used in this post is by the ever inspiring Manchik's