March 17, 2015

Autumn Folk

Autumn colours are my absolute favourite. Today is the perfect overcast, not too cold weather, and my heart is dancing with it. I'm wearing my green leggings to give a little ode to Ireland - not because I'm Irish or care about when Christianity arrived there - but because of the beauty of the land and my love of history and folklore.


March 13, 2015


I'm still here, I can't believe a month has flown by since I last posted.

I thought I'd do a quick wrap up of what has happened, I'm not sure it's much, but it's enough to drag me away from my computer and spare time.

01 | I went to the broadway show of The Lion King, it was spectacular, particularly the opening scene which made me cry for some reason! I think the giraffe and the music did it to me most - I mean, 'Circle of Life' kind of has that ability any old time, let alone with seeing such artistry right infront of you.

02 | The main reason I have been away is school, learning to be a nurse takes a lot of time out of your week - assignments, tests, study and many empty attempts at study - it takes its toll! But hopefully all it entails will be second nature one day.

03 | I haven't been feeling the best. I can often spend hours on my computer, doing whatever comes to me, but over the past three weeks I've been getting headaches and just simply cannot be bothered doing things on my computer. Three weeks though! Does anyone else get periods like this?

04 | I honestly can't think of much else! I photographed an engagement party and a 2nd birthday last month which I hope to post a couple of photos from soon. And just the usual hanging out with family, going for a day trip or two, just life strolling by.

It's Ben and I's two year anniversary this Sunday, maybe we will do something a little different for that. And I hope to get back to sharing soon, holidays are in two weeks which might help!

Have a great weekend. xx