October 14, 2014

Between Lenses | "Mornings"

It couldn't be more perfect timing for this months 'morning' theme to happen. I came back from Tasmania last week and have been so overwhelmed with my lack of spare time since then, let's just say the summer holidays couldn't come around fast enough. I'm dreaming of blogging, reading, being inspired, listening to and discovering music, taking photos, camping and fingers crossed not any homework (for those who don't know, I am studying nursing - blogging to satisfy my creative side, which is always where my passions really lay).

Back to MORNINGS. I slept in the back of a ute whilst I was away and every morning we were up when the light of dawn first appeared, Tasmania experiences some beautiful sunrises and I was lucky enough to see this one when I opened my eyes on a particular morning. We had slept right on the beach, overlooking Oyster Bay and the Hazards (a group of pink granite mountains surrounding the well known Wineglass Bay) - I couldn't be more happy that I got to experience this moment, any of us who appreciate nature and camping dream for something like this.

I have a couple thousand photographs to sort through from my trip, so don't expect them right away, but expect them slowly and eventually!

Keep inspiring and being inspired, have a great week!

// Shani

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September 15, 2014

18 months

The things he has done for me in this time is incredible.
Benjamin, you're my favourite, I love you.

I have been so busy busting my brain with my nursing school assignments and tests over the past few weeks that I haven't had a chance to swing my mind into blogging, and I'm missing it... But I still won't be around for up to a month either! Ben and I are leaving for a two week camping road trip around Tasmania, which I am completely ecstatic for and cannot wait to be there, alone, with Ben, and the mountains, and beaches, and uhh, it's going to be unbelievable.

I'll be posting about it when I get back, so if you'd like to know when my photos and videos are up - follow my blog! See you soon.

// Shani

August 26, 2014

Seaside Day Trip // Ocean Road

This past weekend we went for a drive down to the coast, arriving at Torquay in the morning - where the 240 kilometre Great Ocean Road begins. We wandered for a while then drove down the road 20 minutes to Anglesea, stopping at Bells Beach (well known in the surfing world) on the way. It was the second last weekend of Winter and the weather was gorgeous, which I didn't expect since it's been pretty cold and dreary. Going exploring or driving somewhere with Ben is a favourite day, no matter what the weather or where we go, I could do this forever.

// Shani


Bells Beach

August 25, 2014

Fortnight Favourites #3

I have no idea where to get this t-shirt from but I love it.
(via dametualma)

This ring would be the coolest to have, it lets you know when you get a notification on your phone by vibrating. Plus they're made with semi-precious stones (I love this moonstone one) and gold plating. No. Way.
(via Ringly)

I wish I could afford to buy this beautiful whale doona set from a favourite artist of mine, Furry Little Peach!
(via Furry Little Peach)

I've seen succulent/air-plant wall gardens around the place, but these Star Wars shaped ones are pretty cool. You can't get these over to Australia, but I reckon I could DIY it!
(via Art We Heart)

Love the shape of this shelf.
(via The 807)

Have a lovely week, everyone. I'm not so sure mine will be too good, I have lots of study and homework as well as the funeral of my grandfather on Wednesday...


August 19, 2014

Interview | Micaela of Drifter & the Gypsy

Micaela Hoo is the owner of Drifter & the Gypsy and was kind enough to take part in an interview with me. I have been a follower of hers since my early days of discovering the world of blogging a few years back, and would say Micaela has been one of those who inspired me in my desire to become a blogger. You'll find Drifter & the Gypsy filled with gorgeous photography and design, quirky outfits and beauty, and regular contributions from other bloggers with a wide range of tutorials. Take a look for yourself!

blog | portfolio | instagram | facebook

Q1 // Quick sum up:

Micaela Hoo | 20 | Blogger, Photographer, Designer | San Francisco, California

Q2 // For what reason did you begin a blog? What inspires your content?

I began my blog when I was 14 years old. I had just started high school and I absolutely hated it. I felt like I needed an outlet to express myself creatively and a blog allowed me to do just that. My content is inspired by other artists & their work, nature, my family, friends and the community I am surrounded by.

Q3 // A person/story/place/anything that has motivated you or your mind lately?

My friend Jordan of The Balanced Blonde (http://thebalancedblonde.com/) - formerly The Blonde Vegan - recently came out about transitioning from veganism - a lifestyle she based her entire blog and brand on - due to her having an eating disorder. I admire her honesty and courage for putting herself out there and changing her direction in life. Sure, she has gotten a lot of hate mail from her decision, but the amount of support she's gotten from the Internet - with people even telling her their story of having an eating disorder - far outweighs the negative responses.

Q4 // What is your philosophy/advice on life?

Dream big and work it out from there. I have a tendency to say 'Yes' to every opportunity that comes my way, which is extremely overwhelming at times (okay at most times), but by always leaving myself open to opportunities and collaborations, I feel I am conquering my goals and building my dreams, one step at a time.

Q5 // How much time do you generally spend on your blog?

Goodness gracious, my blog is a full-time job. Especially now that it's summer and I'm not in school, I've been spending more time on my blog than usual. I'd say I spend anywhere from 30-60 hours a week on it, counting social media/emailing/networking time. My blog is an extension of my life. It actually gets out of hand a lot and one thing I need to work on is learning how to control it.

Q6 // What is one place in the world you want to experience that you haven't already?

I've always wanted to go to Australia. Based on the interaction I've had with people from that part of the world, I think the social climate is very similar to that of California.

Q7 // Growing up, what did you want to do with your life?

English was my favorite subject and my favorite teacher ever was my 6th grade English teacher (I'm still friends with her to this day!). I was madly in love with writing and I desperately wanted to publish a novel. I also wanted to be an English teacher, but mainly I just wanted to be a published writer. I even subscribed to Writer's Digest for a year when I was in 7th grade! I wanted people to read and enjoy what I wrote. In a way, I guess Drifter & the Gypsy is sort of like that :)

Q8 // What is one thing you would like people to know about you that they may not already?

I am a gluten-free dairy-free plant-based vegetarian who is extremely passionate about health and wellness. If I didn't pursue a career in the arts, I would probably be a nutritionist.

Q9 // What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Determined, passionate and loyal.

Thank you for your time and words, Micaela! x

Everyone, be sure to check out Drifter & the Gypsy and have a lovely week!


August 18, 2014

Write It Out | No.2

I feel empty and I feel full,
There's an indescribable whirlpool inside of me
With each and every thing I'm fighting for and against
Streaming through every wave.
I love it.
I love feeling like all of me is pulling together,
Not easily,
With pressure and pain and passion.
I don't know all of it,
I can't tell you what it all is,
But its force holds me.
I am comfortable amongst it.
If not,
Content. Almost.


Uh! I loved doing this one today, this was exactly what I needed. Go the Clear The Way to take part in these writing topic collabs.


August 15, 2014

Between Lenses | "Symmetry"

I wanted to share my first post for the collaboration series "Between Lenses" created by Trina and Tara - which gives people a cue for inspiring some photography, and we do the rest by joining in and sharing what we come up with.

This time around, I didn't feel the need to go and take a new photograph representing the current theme of 'Symmetry' - this image popped into my mind straight away and I figured that not only can this series inspire new photography, but it can make me search my folders for photographs which have become lost, and I can bring them out from the archives and give them a new lease of life.

So here is my photograph for symmetry - it is the cathedral in town, which I drive past many times a week, and have spoken of its 'Wheedle On The Needle' since I was young. Does anybody else remember or have their own Wheedle on the needle?

I enjoyed writing this post and joining in on the collaborating. Link me to your own 'Between Lenses' post and I'll check it out!