November 23, 2014

A Shortlist of Places

It's normal for me to get in a worldly mood where I begin thinking about all the places I could potentially visit in my lifetime. I try and think of the top ones, but once I start, it understandably becomes impossible - particularly for someone like myself who has spent many hours growing up researching what I could one day see with my own eyes (the result: an overwhelming amount of wonder). So I've compiled a stripped down list of my current top favourites I find myself constantly day dreaming about, without reading too much into it.

Canada | for the wilderness and mountains

United States of America | for the diversity

Iceland | for the colour and formations

United Kingdom | for the past and greenery

New Zealand | for the fantasy and proximity

Iceland image used in this post is by the ever inspiring Manchik's


  1. I love this post so much! I'd love to visit all of those places, too :)

    arushee // unadorned gifts

  2. This is lovely, I have to say. And your reasons are quiet spot on and valid. I agree very much.

    I would love to go to Ireland, however, for the greenery and the view on the coast. :)

    Naturally Jes

    1. Yes, definitely! I guess I get to put Northern Ireland into the UK category here at least. :)

  3. I feel like I would have Italy for the art and the history on my list, but I very much like this idea :)
    Northern Ireland for family too :)
    Also, I hear you on Canada, a friend and I have been talking about how much we would love to go just to explore the wilderness.

    1. I came so close to putting Italy and Greece up! Canada is my top place I want to go to, when I was deciding what overseas trip I would take a couple of years ago, it was probably going to be Canada - until my sister and I made the decision to go to Africa together!