August 10, 2014

Write It Out | No.1

The sun began to set over the plateau behind us.
Burning wood turning to hot coals and white dust, cooking jacket potatoes to perfection.
River water still dripping from our hair, turning the stairway of dirt to mud.
Every table we can gather has been lined up, covered with a banquet fit for a king.
The dogs lay waiting for their fill as the family dinner time conversations begin.
When it gets dark we prepare ourselves with glow sticks,
And head down the long straight road to the abandoned house.
Surrounded by paddocks and moonlight,
Our young hearts begin to race as we imagine what could be hiding in the shadows.
We've been here many times before, but imaginations still will always run wild.
Nothing but birds and sheep bones are found.
We return to the safety of the campfire, drinking warm Milo and looking up at the Milky Way in search of shooting stars and Sputniks.
Nothing compares to this feeling;
The sounds, the smells, stars, dust, fire,
The river.

// This is an entry inspired by a new series over at Clear The Way, which I am so happy to become a part of. I miss writing, and this is something I feel I need to get it kicking again. I'm looking forward to doing more Write It Out topic posts in the future! To read others' stories visit the links below.


  1. So happy you decide to join us, Shani! This memory was absolutely beautiful and one I can relate to, so much! I love this. :)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Latrina! Glad to be a part of it! x