August 25, 2014

Fortnight Favourites #3

I have no idea where to get this t-shirt from but I love it.
(via dametualma)

This ring would be the coolest to have, it lets you know when you get a notification on your phone by vibrating. Plus they're made with semi-precious stones (I love this moonstone one) and gold plating. No. Way.
(via Ringly)

I wish I could afford to buy this beautiful whale doona set from a favourite artist of mine, Furry Little Peach!
(via Furry Little Peach)

I've seen succulent/air-plant wall gardens around the place, but these Star Wars shaped ones are pretty cool. You can't get these over to Australia, but I reckon I could DIY it!
(via Art We Heart)

Love the shape of this shelf.
(via The 807)

Have a lovely week, everyone. I'm not so sure mine will be too good, I have lots of study and homework as well as the funeral of my grandfather on Wednesday...


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