August 26, 2014

Seaside Day Trip | Ocean Road

This past weekend we went for a drive down to the coast, arriving at Torquay in the morning - where the 240 kilometre Great Ocean Road begins. We wandered for a while then drove down the road 20 minutes to Anglesea, stopping at Bells Beach (well known in the surfing world) on the way. It was the second last weekend of Winter and the weather was gorgeous, which I didn't expect since it's been pretty cold and dreary. Going exploring or driving somewhere with Ben is a favourite day, no matter what the weather or where we go, I could do this forever.


Bells Beach


  1. These photos are really great and it looks like you are having a really great time on your little road trip.

    Little Lady Little City

  2. Thanks for sharing! x Loving your gorgeous photos.

    The forma giveaway!

  3. Next time you're down this way you should check out Pt. Addis beach! Way better than Bells and it's a lot quieter ;) Love your blog!

    1. Sounds familiar, I'll have to. :) I couldn't be bothered even going down the stairs to Bells, it rarely seems worth it! Haha. Thanks, Carolyn!