January 30, 2015

Write It Out | No.4

I am new to each day,
and each day is new to me.
Although I have seen one before,
The hand ticks over,
minds tick over,
something that didn't exist before
will find its way in
or you'll see something in a different way.
It's never the same.

Is this not why we take pictures?
On the whole today feels like yesterday,
But look deeper,
Think harder,
What did you learn?
What changed?
What grew?
What healed?

I am learning, I will always be new to something.
Experiences, passions. Delve deeper.
It's what we live for;
You shouldn't settle for what is familiar,
Nor will I.
Search for new.


// I missed Write It Out | No.3 - on loneliness - I suppose that means I was disconnected, reminiscent of lonely, right? Take a look at my past Write It Out posts by clicking the tag. And join in!


  1. This is such a powerful piece of writing, straight from the get go, the opening line is awesome.
    I love your interpretation of the prompt, it's so different to anything rattling around in my brain :)