January 27, 2015

7 Pointers for Op-shopping/Thrifting

A.K.A thrifter

01 | I've found some of my best items in the 'larger sizes' section

Among other things, there always seems to be decent tops here, just tuck them in - or not - simple as that!

02 | If you haven't got the sewing machine out in the past year you probably won't now

Unless it's an item you've completely and utterly fallen in love with and know that as soon as you get home you will grab out the old machine and alter it, I've learnt to put anything that I would only wear if it were altered back and forget about it.

03 | Always, always search the jeans section

You never know what high-waisted, mum jeans you could come across that actually fit your waist - 
these are rare gems. If the legs are showing your ankles you've got the go ahead for comfortable cut off shorts, and if they do have nice skinny, long legs - perfect!

04 | Check often

Ask what days the new stuff generally gets put out and go go go! Probably once a week, even if it's a quick skim through to skip past what was there last time and see if there's anything new jumping out. You may also have new eyes on something you didn't notice before.

05 | It's worth a try

If you decide once you bring it home that it really doesn't work for you, just realise that the $3 you spent on it will help someone else (particularly if it's an organisation) and return it to the collection bins for someone else to find. Just don't keep it sitting around like all the items waiting to be altered!

06 | Keep your eyes open

For those little holes and stains. I like to do a scan of the front and back, look at the underarms, belt loops and along some of the seams particularly if it's a fragile fabric, there's nothing worse than getting home and realising your favourite piece has an imperfection which is unfixable.

07 | Look past the clothes racks

Sometimes I go into an op-shop with only clothes and accessories on my mind - remind yourself to look at the other second-hand objects and household items (or under the glass counter tops!), even if you aren't looking for anything in particular, you might come across that thing you imagined owning months ago and forgot about. You never know what you could find!

Do you have any other tips for op-shopping / thrifting?


  1. These are GREAT tips! I love thrifting.

  2. These are great, I'm amazed at the thrifting skills of so many. Also, Im guilty of 2, I used to stock up on items to "alter", and my sewing machine sat in my closet. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Haha I've done it so many times, thanks, Katie!

  3. I think the 'it's worth a try' point is so important, cause you're right, it's only a few dollars for something potentially awesome.
    I've always been kind of bad a thrifting, and it can be quite expensive in Melbourne, but I need to keep these in mind next time :)

    1. I would love to go in Melbourne! I just imagine there would be so much cooler stuff down there.