August 25, 2015


It doesn't snow here every winter, it basically never snows in my backyard, but some years we're lucky to get a day or two where the snow manages to land on the ground up in the higher altitudes. This is Mt. Franklin, a mountain in relation to the place I live anyway. It was a volcano, now extinct, but I think it's a pretty great mountain, it has a crater and pine trees and without driving 4 hours to the proper alpine region it's the closest you'll find. On one of those rare snow days it was thankfully a weekend and my partner, his family and myself could drive out to enjoy the thin layer of white stuff.


  1. Oh gosh. <3 I am now craving winter and autumn has barely even started!

    - Laura

  2. I've never seen snow like this, so it's darn magical to glimpse through a blog post. One day I will go and see it blanketed on the ground. Beautiful spot to adventure, I'd say.

  3. Beautiful set of images. The first snow is always so magical. Have a wonderful day.