March 20, 2014

Africa | 3 of 5

This day began with a morning game drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we saw our first elephants, 3 or 4 in total (I can't quite remember) most were pretty far in the distance. But, there was one which suddenly appeared only a few metres away. It was complete amazement to see that giant, wrinkled, grey creature, waving its huge ears - something I had imagined for years before - up close in the wild. It's still hard to believe sometimes, that I've seen an African elephant.

In the afternoon we went for a boat ride down Kazinga Channel, I will post about this next. My first two Africa posts can be seen here and here.



  1. This is brilliant photography! I love how you edit them too, do you use photoshop?

    By the way, I have tagged you to the Leibster Reward

    It's harmless fun so you should join in! :)