July 10, 2014

Achieving Dreams | Then vs. Now

"What is keeping you from achieving your dreams right now?"

A thought brought up over at Delightfully-Tacky, which I feel would be quite a good reflective way to question myself and see how far I've come with this.

I'm going to focus on this in a career sort of direction - I suppose I gave up on my childhood dream on becoming a zoo-keeper because times changed, I changed and the steps leading up to it never became a reality. It wasn't on purpose, and at the time it wasn't something I thought about too much, it seemed so distant and I felt like I had a long time to plan (wasn't that a misconception!), I just thought it would be an extremely rewarding way to live my life creating all the varied breakfast, lunch and dinners for zoo animals every day (still sounds like a blast to me) and admiring the beauty of all the different animals of the world whilst caring for them. But going through high school, the science subjects behind zoology and even zoo-keeping always boggled my brain and I didn't continue with them  (on a side note, I always hated the thought of animals which could survive in the wild being stuck in zoos, I liked the idea of zoos keeping animals which were there for their own health and ability reasons).

So the zoology/zoo-keeper dream came and went, as with the archaeologist, interior designer, historian, traveller, professional snow boarder (very short term), antique/vintage shop owner, artist, photographer, I could think of a couple more. But now the funny thing is, in a way I have gone back to the original road of the sciences. The road of caring for others beings. I began my studies this year to become a nurse, it's not something I wanted to do for years, but it's something which I thought I might be good at and would lead me to a rewarding career. I guess when I was young it was my dream to work with animals because what kid doesn't have a huge soft spot for animals? When I think about it now, it's a similar sort of thing, and maybe I was lead to nursing because of that, because I always had the desire to help the world and those who live here, to make them feel a bit happier in whatever situation they find themselves in.

What's keeping me from achieving my dreams? Nothing. I've found the path onto a current dream of mine, I can think of little speed bumps which keep me fighting through it, like the whole time-shortage issue we all face, the nerves and my little issue of communication, but they are normal, and they are what I will learn to get past and get better at.

Oh, another dream I had was to be a blogger, I don't want to give up on any of my dreams. I will just work them into my life in other ways, I will become a bit of everything I dream.

If you want to share your own dream path, have a read of this, and place a link to your post, or write your story, in my comments.

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